FlameBuster® Fire Retardant Garments

Through the ages, fire has been one of man’s most invaluable tools - and the greatest dangers. In today’s industrial world, that danger has intensified and diversified as an increasing array of materials, processes and environments can lead to combustion. Never has the need for flame-resistant clothing been more important for health, safety and personal protection. Flamebuster® manufacture to specific designs in industries involving petro-chemical, electrical, oil, welding, fire services and molten metals.

These days, it’s all about risk management. Companies have obligations under Occupational Health & Safety regulations to mitigate risk and safeguard employees, especially in industries where severe or even fatal burns are an everyday possibility. Providing adequate protective measures in these circumstances can be a problem. However Flamebuster® provides a solution.

Flamebuster® garments combine uncompromising quality, reliability and comfort.