Industry leading Confined Space Entry Kits

There are many challenges involved with operating in a confined working environment. One of the most important issues revolves around having the equipment needed to safely enter and exit the space. This is particularly true if the atmosphere is toxic or potentially flammable.

Here at Hi-Craft Safety, we provide a comprehensive range of confined space entry kits carefully engineered to help workers get in and out of confined spaces safely and efficiently. We provide a range of confined space entry kits that come in various configurations to meet your unique needs. Choose from standard winch and rope systems or three-way winch systems that offer the ultimate level of safety and peace of mind for all parties.

All of our entry kits have been specifically designed for working in and around confined spaces, and can be easily transported and set up. For more information about our products, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 1300 088 089.

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Confined Space Entry Kit - 25m Winch System

SKU: CS-025
$2,485.00 ex GST

Confined Space Entry Kit - Rope System

SKU: CS-032
$2,980.00 ex GST

Upgrade - Elite Confined Space Safety Harness

SKU: CS-301
$90.00 ex GST

($99.00 inc GST)