ABE Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers

ABE Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers are good multipurpose fire extinguishers that are used to target Class A, B, C and E fires.

These extinguishers use a dry powder substance to put out the fire hazard, so it is not recommended for indoor use, because the powder can cause a loss in visibility and breathing problems.

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1kg ABE Fire Extinguisher

SKU: FS-103
$23.00 ex GST

($25.30 inc GST)

1.5kg ABE Fire Extinguisher

SKU: FS-127
$34.00 ex GST

($37.40 inc GST)

2.0kg ABE Fire Extinguisher

SKU: FS-104
$38.00 ex GST

($41.80 inc GST)

2.5kg ABE Fire Extinguisher

SKU: FS-100
$44.00 ex GST

($48.40 inc GST)

4.5kg ABE Fire Extinguisher

SKU: FS-106
$54.00 ex GST

($59.40 inc GST)

4.5kg ABE Mines Approved Fire Extinguisher

SKU: FS-128
$70.00 ex GST

($77.00 inc GST)

9kg ABE Fire Extinguisher

SKU: FS-108
$70.00 ex GST

($77.00 inc GST)

Fire Extinguisher Location Sign

SKU: FS-109
$2.50 ex GST

($2.75 inc GST)