Bata Footwear

Bata Footwear offer safety shoes and work boots for mining and other environments.

Safety shoes are essential in industry, your feet deserve the best protection possible. Bata work boots, safety shoes and gumboots are there to protect you.

Not sure which type of footwear best suits your needs? If you have any questions or require specialist advice, please call us on 1300 088 089. Alternatively, email

5 Products

Bata Knight Black Seude Lace Up Safety Boots

SKU: BT-703-65682
$89.50 ex GST

($98.45 inc GST)

Bata Black/Red Utility Safety PVC Boot

SKU: BT-892-65190
$32.90 ex GST

($36.19 inc GST)

Bata Saturn Black Leather Lace Up Safety Boot

SKU: BAT-705-60510-BK
$64.00 ex GST

($70.40 inc GST)

Bata Horizon Black Leather Zip/ Lace Up Safety Boot

SKU: BAT-755-63963-BK
$140.00 ex GST

($154.00 inc GST)

Bata Trekker Claret Leather Slip On Safety Boot

SKU: BAT-756-44987-CLA
$100.00 ex GST

($110.00 inc GST)